No one is doing better post-Bachelorette than Reid Rosenthal. Let’s face it — it’s hard to complain when you’re dating Miss USA. We caught up with the happily jilted contestant from Jillian’s season at a Bachelor reunion in NYC on Saturday, January 29. Proving he’s as funny as ever — and that Jillian doesn’t know what she’s missing — he described how he met his pageant-winning girlfriend and what a typical date is like for them. (It’s not exactly G-rated!)

He also revealed his surprising thoughts on Jillian and Ed’s breakup, and used the words “too much fun” to describe his immediate post-show dating life. Yeah, dude’s got it going on.
Wetpaint: I was a huge fan of yours on the show.
Reid: No, you weren’t! Did you actually watch me?

WP: Of course! You were so funny.
[Laughs] I’m not that funny.

WP: I was shocked when Jillian didn’t take you back. You seem to be a different type of guy than we sometimes get on the show — more down-to-earth. Was the show tough?
God, it’s like… There’s so much, it’s hard to explain. Being a part of the show, there’s so much going on in your head that typically doesn’t go on in normal life. You’re, like, “mind-effed.” It’s hard to really think clearly. But I knew the guys, and I knew her, and I almost knew the guys more than I knew her. So I kind of had a feeling they were gonna come back, they were gonna do it, and I was like, “Well, you know what? If they’re gonna do it, I’ll do it, because I feel like I would have a better relationship with her.” Whether or not I wanted to marry her or not, I felt like I would have a better relationship with her.

WP: So there was a real connection there.
Reid: Yeah, definitely. I didn’t know if I wanted to get married to her, but when you’re under that kind of pressure, like, it’s a show, I was like, “Forget it. I’m gonna do it, and I’ll give it a shot. It’s not marriage — it’s an engagement.” So I was willing to give it that shot, and it didn’t work, which probably ended up being the best thing that probably could have happened.

WP: Were you pretty certain that she would take you back?
Reid: I actually thought there might be a chance, but she had more of a connection with Ed than I thought she would have.

WP: So what’s dating life been like since the show?
Reid: I had some fun after the show; it started to be too much fun. So I, miraculously, at the right time, met my girlfriend, and we’ve been together for a year.

WP: Crazy. And this is the former Miss USA?
Reid: Yeah.

WP: And it’s going well?
She’s great. Her and I couldn’t be more different, but somehow together… Like, pageants?! Like, I’m from the Northeast, she’s from the South — it’s so different. But somehow, miraculously, her and I have had this perfect bending. We’ve made each other better people.

WP: How did you two meet?
Reid: I got invited to be a judge at a pageant in North Carolina. I told my friends, “This is crazy — listen to this! I got invited to be a judge at a pageant in North Carolina.” They’re like, “Go! Go!” So I went, and they flew me down for the weekend, and it turned out that the production company that ran North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana, the daughter — who’s a great girl, by the way — of the person who puts on the pageant, or associated with it, wanted to meet me. It kind of backfired on her because my girlfriend won Miss North Carolina the year before, and went on to win Miss USA. So she was the host — they brought her back to be the host. So we were like eyeing each other — I was the judge, she was the host — and we were in the same hotel, and her mom introduced us, and it just kinda worked out. And in the beginning, she was living in New York, I was living in Philly, and I would, like, come up to see her, and she was so different from me. It actually ended up, I wanted to figure her out, since she was so different, but it somehow worked out. It’s very weird, very weird the way things happen.

WP: Where are you guys living now?
Reid: We’re in long distance — for a year! She’s in L.A. doing very well — she’s on a game show right now, we’re pitching a show together. And it’s hard to say — people don’t believe in this — but we have a great long-distance relationship.

WP: Any plans to move to the same city soon?’
We’re gonna try. She lived with me all summer — it was amazing, but I told her to go. I’m 31, she’s 24. I want her to live her dream. I have some regret in my life, not doing certain things; I didn’t want her to have that. So I told her to go, and if it was meant to be for us, it was meant to be, and so far it’s been great.

WP: Will you be popping the question in the near future?
Reid: [Laughs.] I mean, it’s definitely in the cards. I would like to be in the same city for a while, but yeah, I’m thinking about it.

WP: What’s a typical date like for you guys?
Reid: We love hamburgers. Philadelphia has great food — she loves coming to Philadelphia. We go get a burger, we make fun of each other, we get in a fight about nothing, and then we make love.

WP: Doesn’t sound bad. Do you watch Brad’s season?
Reid: I do.

WP: Who do you think he’s gonna pick?
Reid: Honestly, I’ve seen two episodes, and it seems like that Chantal girl — it seems like they have the most real connection.

WP: I think so. I think she’s my favorite, too.
Reid: She actually likes him.

WP: [Laughs.] Who do you keep in touch with from the show?
Reid: A lot of people, actually. I was supposed to be rooming in our hotel tonight with Tanner [Pope], the foot-fetish guy, who’s actually pretty normal. He came off as a real weirdo on TV, but he was just having fun. And we were supposed to be roommates, but something happened in Texas — I think maybe an old flame came back into the picture, and the snow, so…

WP: Right. Could you see Jillian and Ed not working out?
Reid: Yeah, I could see that from the start. Ed’s a great guy, Jillian’s a great girl — I just didn’t see that it was going to work out. They tried it, didn’t work out.

WP: Do you keep in touch with either of them?
Reid: Yeah! I talked to both of them today. I don’t think either one knows it, but I talked to Ed, and I talked to Jillian.