Credit: @PaigeVigil

Remember that time Bachelor Pad 3 initiated a troop of fan-girls into their fungus-infested swimming pool and it was totally beautiful but also kind of scary? Well, Paige Vigil was one of said fan-girls, and despite the fact that she was voted out in the early days of BP3, she was memorable for her sweet personality and smoking good looks.

In fact, Paige was so memorable that she's been chosen for Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, and it looks like she's celebrating by dressing up as a Princess for Halloween. You know, the usual.

Check out this cute-as-pie picture of Paige as Sexy Belle from Beauty and The Beast. Va-Va-voom! We have a feeling this gal won't have any problem convincing people to give her candy. Tootsie rolls for everyone!

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Source: @paigevigil