Credit: Sal Balanos Photo: Chris Bukowski Smolders in Facebook Photo

Bachelor Pad 3 alum Chris Bukowski is a man of many talents. Talents like flexing his abs, wearing hoodies, and opening awesome sports bars.

Chris recently moved to Maryland to open a new restaurant in the Washington D.C. metro area (you're welcome, President Obama and Bo The Dog), and his fresh new eatery has an official name!

Welcome to Bracket Room, a lovely lounge that opens in Summer 2013. According to Bracket Room's release statement it will "boldly redefine the upscale, state-of-the-art sports bar, with wit and irreverent charm." Sounds fab!

Expect Bracket Room to be all kinds of hip, and don't worry ladies — it'll have a "female-friendly ambiance," and will feature small plates and "state of the art technology." Which we assume means super-huge television sets best used for watching Sean Lowe's abs in HD.

Count us in! We can't wait to indulge in some small female-friendly plates with our favorite Polish hottie.

Source: Press Release