By now you've seen Blakeley Jones' blinged-out engagement ring courtesy of her future-hubby, Tony "Pied" Pieper. It's beautiful, it's fabulous, it's blinding, and yes — it was made by Neil Lane's elves — but let's talk about those finger tats.

You may have noticed that Blakeley has not one but two tattoos — her left ring finger says "believe," and her right ring finger says "endless love." What a romantic! No wonder Tony decided to lumberjack her. Also, calm yourself, Neil Lane. Your little diamond friends look even more beautiful with Blakeley's innovative body art amplifying them.

Do you think Blakeley's tattoos are classy, or should she have them removed to make way for her delectable diamond? Hit the poll and vote your vino-loving hearts out!

Source: Twitter

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