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Um, more like what doesn't Ed Swiderski do for a living? Aside from being a professional hunk and lover of hot tubs, this Bachelorette alum works as a marketing technology leader building start-ups. Basically, he's a renaissance man, man.
Ed specializes in digital and social media, and has founded more than his fair share of startup companies. According to his amazing website, Ed started working at in college, went on to found regional web development firm GreenCanyon, worked for Microsoft as Enterprise Services Executive in the Midwest, and then started Kambio Group, a digital marketing company based in Chicago.

But do you think Ed's talents stop there? Please. He also co-authored a book about Pinterest (Pinterest for Business), and is a founder of the Global Education Open Technology Foundation, a group that brings technology to underprivileged kiddos.

In other news, it's important to note that Ed's website headline is "You're Ed To Me." OMG, guys, we are all Ed. Everyone is Ed.

Source: Ed's Website  / Kambio Group / Global Education Open Technology Foundation


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