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Bachelor Pad lovebirds Holly Durst and Blake Julian tied the knot back in June (watch the gorgeous video of Holly walking down the aisle here), jetted off to the Caribbean for their honeymoon, and are now loved up in South Carolina with their dog, Molar. So, what does married life look like for a hunky blonde dentist and his sweetheart author wife?

While they’re not yet expecting a baby Julian, Holly and Blake do plan to have kids one day soon. In the meantime, they’re shopping for a bigger house. On October 7, 2012, Holly tweeted, “Blacke and I went and looked at houses all day! I fell in love with one of them and now I can’t stop thinking about living in it!!”

Aside from cuddling on the couch, dressing up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween, and hitting up fall festivals, Holly and Blake enjoy nomming on Taco Bell chalupas, goofing off with their puppy, and catching football games. Follow Holly on Twitter for live updates!

Source: @Holly Durst

Holly Durst & Blake Jullian - South Carolina Wedding Same Day Edit from IMAGIQUE on Vimeo.

Credit: Daniel Boswell / Imagique Weddings Photo: Watch Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst and Blake Julian Exchange Wedding Vows! (VIDEO)