Credit: @JefHolm

You might think the holidays are about spending time with family, decking the halls with boughs of holly, and fantasizing about Santa Claus, but you would be wrong. The holidays are just a wonderful excuse to binge eat yule logs, feast on giant hams (ham, guys, ham), and in Emily Maynard's case, shovel popcorn into your mouth.

Credit: Instagram

Emily is getting into the Christmas spirit with an enormous bucket of cheese and caramel popcorn (best combination ever), which was a gift from her friend Amy Levine Dawson, who works at the Levine Children's Hospital in South Carolina (where Emily worked before hitting up The Bachelor).

"Seriously @AmyLevineDawson why would you do this to me??" Emily posted on Instagram along with a picture of her delectable snack. Um, is this a rhetorical question? 

She's doing it because popcorn

Source: Instagram