Credit: Instagram

Bachelorette Emily Maynard is famous for a lot of things: wearing a clip-in ponytail, loving glitter, having the most adorable child ever, and staring contemplatively into the distance. Oh, and her amazing fashion!

This gal is definitely the most stylish Bachelorette on the block, and her favorite color is just as unique as she is. Can you guess? Yep, it's turquoise! Emily loves this ocean-y shade of blue — and she often pairs bold turquoise statement jewelry with her outfits. Sigh, girlfriend needs to take a trip to the Southwest, ASAP.

In fact, if you cast your mind back to Emily's season of Bachelorette (sigh, MEMORIES), you might remember that Ryan showed up in turquoise shoes during his final date with Em, and Kyle rocked a turquoise tie during the first group meet 'n' greet. These dudes know what's up.

Source: Our Minds, Towne & Reese