Credit: ABC

Word on the street is that Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her new hubby, J.P. Rosenbaum, are all about popping out an adorable fleet of kiddos sometime in 2014 (after Ash completes her dental residency), which means the Second Coming is almost upon us. We have a feeling Ashley and J.P. will be amazing parents (move over Kate Middleton, you've been bested), but what should this hot couple name their future spawn?

We've rounded up our top three choices for girls’ and boys’ names that would perfectly suit Baby Rosenbaum. Well, other than Chris and Chrissy Harrison, duh.


Sure, it's a little obvious. If by "a little obvious," you mean "completely perfect."

Cupcake: If you don't understand why this name is included, we don't understand you. Also, Team Cupcake FTW!

Chrystie: We're thinking Ash and J.P. could name their darling daughter after Ashley's coupon-addicted sister. Yeah, yeah, Chrystie's relationship with J.P. started off rocky, but now they're closer than ever!


Get it? Opposites.

Brad: As far as we're concerned, two-time Bachelor Brad Womack is the most important member of Bachelor Nation, and everyone should name their babies after him.

Ken: Because Ashley is Barbie, obviously.

What do you think Ashley and JP should name their future kiddo? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!