Credit: ABC via WENN

Now that we know Jef Holm and Bachelorette Emily Maynard are officially engaged and the joyous, overwhelming, realization of that fact is now beginning to sink in — there are now so many more questions we want to know the answer to!

Namely, are Em and Jef planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon? And, will they be living together in the meantime?

Luckily, Team Jem answered both these pressing q’s during tonight’s “After the Final Rose.” After much thought and consideration as to where the couple should live, Jef says he and Emily ultimately decided that he will make the move from Utah to North Carolina to be closer to his ladies.

Jef’s job as the CEO of People Water doesn’t necessarily require that he stay in Salt Lake City, and his move to Charlotte would allow Ricki to stay enrolled in her same school and not be forced to relocate and make a whole new set of friends. (If you remember, Brad Womack’s desire to stay in Texas instead of moving to N.C. was one of the reasons cited for his and Emily’s breakup.)

Credit: ABC via WENN

However, Jef making the move to Charlotte doesn’t exactly mean that he and little Ricki will be cohabitating anytime soon. During “After the Final Rose,” Jef told host Chris Harrison that he will be getting a place separate from Emily and Ricki’s palatial Charlotte home. (They may have gotten engaged after a whirlwind TV romance of only a few months, but who said these two don’t know how to take things slow when need be?)

Near the end of the show, Chris asked the happy couple if they’ve agreed on a wedding date yet. While Emily said that the two absolutely plan on getting married, they don’t want to settle on a specific date quite yet. 

The long and the short of it: Emily and Jef are engaged and in love — but they aren’t rushing to tie the knot, you know, ASAP. Still, that won’t exactly keep them from joking about tying the knot during that upcoming trip to Africa they’ve got planned.

Now wouldn’t that be something!

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