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We miss Ryan Bowers. Yeah, we see him in our dreams every night, but where is he in real life, right guys?

Despite Ryan's brief foray into sexism and that one time he wore a square-neck tank top, dude was a fan-favorite during Emily Maynard's season of Bachelorette. He was funny, charming, wore turquoise shoes to make Emily happy, and yes — we appreciate that he refused to leave when told to. And he hasn't left. You are always in our thoughts, Ryan, sob!

Credit: Twitter

Nowadays, Ryan is still living in Augusta, Georgia, where he pumps iron at his training facility, Athelite. Ryan spends his free time chilling with his homies, traveling around the USofA, following politics (dude is a hard-core Mittens fan), watching football (he was a pro for eight years, after all!) and keeping up with his church. To quote the magnanimous man himself, "I'm loyal, I keep my word, I work hard, I love Jesus, I love America, and I carry a gun....yes I'm a Republican!"

As far as Ryan's reaction to Emily Maynard's split from fiance Jef Holm, he says "No matter what if two ppl don't want to be together I'm glad they decided that instead of another failed marriage. Good for them both."

Sigh, what a nice guy! Also, we assume the only gun Ryan carries is on his bicep. 

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