Credit: Instagram

If you said “The North Pole,” we are appalled... and a little intrigued. We get it. Jef Holm is short. Like, elvish. And he loves kids. And he gives things away and helps millions of people. Wait. Article retitled: Is Jef Holm Santa Claus?

While we’ve never seen the two of them in the same place, and we think he’s pretty good at giving (and not just his digits), Jef actually spent the holidays in South Carolina with his family. The Bachelorette alum tweeted to fans about his plans, expressing his excitement about meeting up with the fam.

So, what did he do on the big day? Like millions of people who took our seats in the theater so we couldn’t actually go and realize that dream we dreamed, Jef went to see Les Miserables with his sisters. And he loved it — just as we probably would have had there been some empty chairs (or empty tables) for us. New article title: Does Jef Holm love misery?