Credit: Jillian Harris on Instagram Photo: Jillian Harris and Boyfriend Justin Spend New Years Eve 2012 in New York City's Times Square

Jillian Harris is our favorite. This Bachelorette beauty is stylish, adorable, completely gorgeous, and we're basically living vicariously through her. Which means that we celebrated New Year's Eve in Times Square (in our minds), much like Jilly herself.

"Smack Dab in the middle of #timessquare with my babe last night," Jillian posted on Instagram along with a fun-loving picture of herself and her boyfriend, professional snowboarder / wakeboarder Justin Pasutto.

Jillian and Justin hit up New York City (concrete jungle where Bachelorette dreams are made of) to watch the ball drop, and let's just say they did so in style. Not only is Jilly wearing a white fur jacket made from an entire family of faux minks, Justin's rocking a blue bowtie.

Pshhhh, Ed Swiderski wishes he were that fancy!

Source: Instagram