Credit: Twitter

Shhhh, everyone be quiet. It appears as though Bachelorette winner Roberto Martinez is moments away from hurling himself off a rocky precipice. Either that or he's bonding super-hard with Mother Earth.

Either way, check out this picture of Roberto perched atop Mt. Woodson in sunny San Diego, California, which he captioned "On watch atop Mt. Woodson this afternoon."

Frankly, we blame Sean Lowe. It's like, maybe if this dude hadn't forced the American public to witness his deranged death defying antics, innocent tormented souls like Roberto wouldn't be climbing up jagged rocks and surveying the land. Although, let's be honest –– Roberto looks devastatingly handsome all decked out in hiking gear.

Also, we're slightly concerned about the fact that he doesn't seem to be wearing socks. For future reference, Roberto, if you are going to abandon an article of clothing, please make sure it's your shirt.

Source: Twitter