Credit: Instagram

UPDATE: We've learned that Jef, who is now in Washington D.C., has been telling pals he's hard at work closing business deals for People Water.

The time has come to check in on everyone's favorite international man of mystery: god amongst men, Jef Holm.

Jef has been traveling around Bachelor Nation leaving a trail of hot n' sweaty girls in his wake, and his latest pit stop was in Knoxville, Tennessee! This dreamboat posted a picture of himself hanging at the McGhee airport, but failed to tell us important information like why he was in Tennessee in the first place, or if he's engaged to Emily Maynard. Sigh.

We should point out that Jef is on his People Water computer in this snapshot, which means he might be on a business trip. And if "business trip" is code for "secret romantic getaway with Emily" then we approve!

Source: Instagram