For many fans, Bachelor Pad Season 2 winner Michael Stagliano was the ideal Season 16 Bachelor. He didn't land the gig, and admitted being slightly disappointed about that fact, but now he’s watching Ben Flajnik's journey and naming his favorite ladies so far.

As Michael listed in his Season 16 premiere blog for the official Bachelor site:

Credit: Judy Eddy/ Photo: Michael Stagliano Is the King of Bling

Girls I like:

Lindzi Cox (a lot)… Loved the horse entrance, it wasn’t too much. She seems to be the right fit for Ben, wasn’t shocked at all that she got the First Impression Rose.

Kacie Boguskie… The lover. Interested to learn more about her.

Shawn Reynolds… Seems grounded and established in a career, love the motherly side with her son Gavin.

Emily O'Brien… Man was it a cheese-fest, but I’ve got to say I like the Purell/mouth spray first-kiss combo.  Even the rap was super clever and funny if you really listened to it.

Girl I love (Yeah, I am a one woman man):

Nicki Sterling:  Looked beautiful, soft spoken, tender, charming, great smile/laugh.  Got butterflies when I saw this one :)  And despite her occupation in dentistry (and we all know how I feel about dentists, hahaha) She was stunning.  #love

So he’s into Nicki the divorcee, despite usually being a blonde guy. Read Michael’s full blog for more — including the list of girls he’s not that into. One of the girl’s names may be a giveaway...

Source: Bachelor.TV

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