If your first response was “Tierra LiCausi,” we’re going to have to get back to you, because it’s entirely possible that she also had a harrowing experience last night. But for today, the person we’re talking about tweeted that he had to be rescued by the fire department after being in a pretty scary sitch for a few hours. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t a Bachelor Pad-style hot tub party gone awry and he wasn’t bleeding out from rose thorn-induced stab wounds.

Credit: Facebook

On March 7, one of our favorite dudes ever, Bachelorette Season 6 funny man Craig Robinson, tweetedSooo for an update on my night, I'm stuck in an elevator.” As crappy a way as that is to spend a Thursday evening, we can think of worse people to be stuck with in an enclosed space (aw, we’re sweet, we know).

Not to worry, though, a bit later,
Jackie Gordon’s ex gave us the assurance we need to sleep at night, sayingOk, so the fire department just rescued us. CC elevator buddies @eskwired and an asian girl named anh.” And then, high on elevator fumes, he tweeted again “I survived the elevator scare...”

We’re sure it’s only a matter of times until he uses that story to pick up chicks at the bar. But FYI Craig, a little exaggeration wouldn’t hurt...

Source: Twitter