Bachelor Pad is the icing on the cake, the consolation prize for a summer devoid of love journeys, a hot tub of alcohol-soaked drama and hookups. In short, it’s our everything. Bachelor Pad 3 started in catfights and ended in engagement, but there’s one person we would deem the MVP of BP3: Erica Rose.

Credit: Getty Images

She’s funny enough to deserve her own spinoff (Mike Fleiss, get on that), and she’s even gotten a glam post-show makeover. Our Lisa Frank wish journal is chock full of hopes for her return for Bachelor Pad 4, but Erica took to Twitter to burst our BP4 bubble. Asked by a fan if she’ll return, Erica succinctly answered, “Prob not!”

BRB, sobbing in the corner with our tiara.

Source: @EricaTheRose