Credit: ABC via WENN

Going on a show like The Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad is, like, totally perfect exposure to launch all of the dreams of the “actors” on the show who are clearly taking time out from their busy audition schedule to find love. Or whatever. But for many dudes on these shows, the best thing that comes out of the show is that a billion girls have seen their hot eight-packs and want to “work out with them.” (We’re looking at you, Nick, Ryan, etc.). But for Kirk DeWindt, he got all that and more — A CW show! 

Okay, so Ali Fedotowsky’s former TV BF isn’t launching out on some Vampire Diaries spin-off, or shellacking his abs in preparation for the 90210 finale, but he will be on the station. Kirk tweeted on March 18, “I am VERY excited to announce that you're looking at the new Co-Host of the CW Twin Cities! First day is 2morrow!”  But before you go moving to Atlanta and playing football and wearing turquoise shoes in hopes that Bowers will have you, Kirk added “Still PT'ing, don't worry!”

So, what exactly will the Midwestern cutie be doing on the tube? Um, we have no idea. Maybe just being attractive and trying not to talk smack about the programming? Sounds like just the right challenge for a dude who once sat on a stage with Michael Stagliano in a ‘do rag without punching him in the face.

Source: Twitter