Fact: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Fact: Ali Fedotowsky is also a girl's best friend. What have we learned? Ali + diamonds = the best combination ever!

This Bachelorette bombshell is used to a decadent lifestyle (white wine for every meal!), and she recently got a chance to try out a luxurious diamond facial at Borba in Los Angeles. But not just any diamond facial –– a pink diamond facial. 

"It's natural yet gentle, and it actually washes out so there's no irritation," the owner of Borba tells NBC's 1st Look as he rubs black and pink diamonds all over Ali's face. And guys? She looks absolutely fabulous! "You can definitely see why the big stars get this done before hitting the Golden Globes," Ali says. "Because, pshhh. This is nice!"

Turns out celebs like Ashley Greene and Mila Kunis are huge fans of the diamond facial, so Ali is definitely in good company. And make sure to check her out on 1st Look, Saturdays after SNL!

Source: NBC

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Credit: NBC 1st Look Photo: Watch: Ali Fedotowsky Gets a Facial — With Diamonds! (VIDEO)