It was pretty heartbreaking when Kacie Boguskie returned on The Bachelor Season 16 and bared her soul to Ben Flajnik. Ben is seeming more and more like an android with an emotion chip, by the way, and his dismissal of her was... difficult to watch. Looks like she's rebounded, though... with Mr. Sunshine!

Ryan Park, former Bachelorette standout, knows something about returning and being sent away a second time, and now it looks like their half-hearts can come together and make a whole.

He gushed to his buddy William Holman over Twitter: 


"@WilliamFHolman: Kacie B + @Ryan_M_Park = __________ you fill in the blank” look who I had lunch w today? #Bachelor

YOU fill in the blank, reader. Do YOU think their happy personalities complement one another? Spoiler warning - WE do! (And, for the record, so does William Holman.)


(It says "True Food" in the background, as eagle-eyed readers will spot, but could it be true... love?)


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