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Bachelor Pad Season 3’s resident hopeless romantic is on the rebound! We're head-over-heels in love with Tony Pieper, but let's be real — fans are still shocked by this dude's unexpected breakup with his BP3 co-star Blakeley Jones, to whom he popped the question on live television during the Bachelor Pad finale!

Credit: Instagram

Sadly, Blakeley and Tony weren't meant to be, but the good news? Dude has a new lady named Amanda Durfee (aka "sexy boo") on his beefy arm, and they are straight-up adorbs! Check out this beyond sweet picture of Amanda and Tony celebrating Tony's birthday (which was on April 28. Happy Birthday!) by heading off for a wine tasting — could they be any cuter? We want to go to there.

Oh, and turns out Mandy and Tony have tons in common. Not only do they have a mutual obsession with fitness (have you checked out Tony's abs lately? They're like a mountain range), both Amanda and Tony are single parents. Tony has a gorgeous son named Taylor, while Amanda is a devoted mom to her darling daughter Austin!

Do you think this dynamic duo make a cute couple? All we know is that somewhere in America, Blakeley is crying soft tears while simultaneously waxing someone's lady parts.

Source: Instagram