Even once Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette 2012 is over, we still won’t have to wait long for more great Bachelor drama. Season 3 of the super-hot summer hit Bachelor Pad starts on July 23, and we already can’t wait to for all the craziness that is sure to be in store.

If the show follows in the pattern of the past two seasons, there are sure to be at least a few of Emily’s Bachelorette castoffs who pop up on the show. You’ve now had two episodes to get to know the guys. Now we want to know who you’d cast on BP3.

A good Bachelor Pad contestant needs many things. Included among them: rock hard abs, a flair for drama, the willingness to try almost anything. Which of Emily’s men do you think just HAS to make the cut?

Credit: ABC

Kalon McMahon: Every season of Bachelor Pad needs a villain to stir up trouble. Why else would we watch, if not for all the crazy drama? Luckily, Kalon is the perfect villain. Between that flashy helicopter stunt in the premiere, and his spiteful attitude towards all the other guys: Kalon totally fits the bill for the guy you love to hate.

Plus, if he can make even a sweetheart like Emily yell at him to  “get the f--k out,” you know Kalon has a knack for bringing out the drama in everyone.

Ryan Bowers: Charming. Athletic. Manly. A great dancer. And not afraid to get a little down and dirty in the kitchen. What’s not to love? If Emily doesn’t end up picking Ryan Bowers in the end, we’d jump at the chance to see him get a second chance at romance on BP2.

Credit: ABC

Jef Holm: The moment Jef rode in on that skateboard during the Bachelorette premiere, we instantly knew we were in love. He’s kind, cute, energetic, full of personality — and did we mention Jef runs his own charity that helps bring clean water to people in need? Talk about doing some real good in the world!

Sean Lowe: Um, hello. Pretty much the entire point of this show is for the men to walk around shirtless. And there is no other guy this season whose abs we’d rather see. Just sayin.’

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Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: He’s hot, European, and a race car driver. What more do you need to know? With his winning personality, dreamy looks, and exciting career, Arie would be a great sort of guy to have on BP2. That is, if Emily Maynard doesn’t snatch him up for herself first! Come on, Em. Share him with the rest of America. Please?

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