Credit: ABC Photo: Alessandro Goulart in Bachelorette Promo Pic

Here’s what we know about Alessandro Goulart, one of the contenders vying for  Emily Maynard’s heart on The Bachelorette Season 8.

Despite having an unfortunate Bieber haircut at the age of 30, Alessandro seems like a sweet guy with a rockin’ bod (which is a probably a requirement for being on the show). He’s a Brazilian who works as a grain merchant in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, according to his LInkedIn profile. What does a grain merchant do? Beats us! But will it really matter when he’s whispering sweet nothings in Portuguese in Em’s ear?

Chris Harrison has described Alessandro as “this Latin heartthrob who easily works his charms on Emily” — but the same could have been said about Season 7’s Bentley Williams (minus the Latin part), who used his charms on Ashley Hebert for bad. We hope Alessandro is more genuine than that!

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