Credit: Instagram

It's the most romantic day of the year — otherwise known as Valentine's Day! But guys? It's also the most depressing day of the year, at least for those of us who are currently in an intimate relationship with our Sean Lowe body pillow.

Yep, V-Day is an emotional time for single ladies, but Emily Maynard isn't letting her lack of boy-toy get the better of her. Why? Because she already has a perfect Valentine — her daughter, Ricki! Who needs a man when you have an adorable kiddo? Girl power, everyone.

Emily and Ricki took it to the interwebs to wish fans a Happy Valentine's Day, and we love their bright red lipstick! Like mother like daughter, y'all. Before we know it, Ricki will be decked out in glitter and frolicking through a meadow of roses.

Also, Ricki is currently missing her two front teeth. Guess we know what's on her Christmas list!

Source: Instagram