Jef Holm fell hard for Emily Maynard during their passionate white-wine infused love affair on The Bachelorette, but there's trouble in paradise and she goes by the name of Kaylee Shepherd.

Jef and Kaylee dated exclusively for eight months before he was chosen as a contestant on The Bachelorette, and she's recently come forward with accusations that he tried to hook up with her post engagement to Emily. So, who is this girl who reportedly won Jef's heart before Emily did?

Jef and Kaylee met during a 4th of July boat party on Lake Powell back in 2011, and immediately hit it off. 21-year-old Kaylee was in college at Utah Valley University at the time, where she currently majors in elementary education.  

This lucky lady has successfully deleted most of her personal information from the internets, but we do know that she loves spending time with her family (she's one of five kids — two brothers and two sisters!), and has a blast with her friends.

Sounds like Kaylee's a sweet gal next door — no wonder Jef got in on that action!

Source: Reality TV World, Google Site