Jillian Harris found love on The Bachelorette, but sadly her relationship with Ed Swiderski didn't last. Probably because Ed was made to frolick in the pools and hot tubs of a magical land called Bachelor Pad.

Luckily, Jilly has moved on to a brand-new hunk named Justin Pasutto, who's a professional snowboarder/wakeboarder from Canada! These two started dating in summer 2012 (hottest time of the year, obvs), and they're majorly in love –– and in lust.

"Justin has been such a big part of my life," Jillian blogged on November 7. "If you follow us both on Twitter you’ll see we’re pretty much head over heels and it’s no secret why. The guy has a heart of gold!!!"

These two spend most of their time chillin' like villains and getting their snuggle on, and they might just beat out Jason and Molly Mesnick as the cutest couple in Bachelor Nation. Oh, and did we mention Justin is a total man babe? 

Credit: Jillian Harris's Instagram Photo: Jillian Harris's Boyfriend, Justin Pasutto

This picture is the only proof you'll need. 

Source: Jillian's Blog / Instagram