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Remember Joe Gendreau, The Bachelorette's answer to Matthew McConaughey? This handsome devil was dumped by Emily Maynard during the second episode of the season, and now he's spilling the beans about what went wrong!

"I believe we still really didn't hit it off with each other," Joe explains in a call with reporters. "We kind of are in different places in our lives. I think, you know, I was a single, kind of, maybe free-spirited individual. I think she was looking for someone more settled in a way, maybe more committed, and whether it be family or work or, you know, just looking for that."

It seemed like Joe stumbled when Emily asked him about making babies –– does he want to have kiddos? "I'm definitely willing to have more kids or, you know, wanting to have kids in my life one day," Joe explains. "I'll cross that bridge when I get there and stuff. But as, you know, I mean, as far as being open to it, absolutely."

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Clearly, Joe is no longer in the running to win Emily's heart. So, which lucky gent does he think Em will pick? "My money is on Jef," Joe says. "He seems like a caring individual and very financially stable."  
Not to mention the fact that he has a fabulous hair coif and is even more fashionable than Emily! Dreamy sigh.
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