Judging from the new three-minute-long promo for Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette season, Emily’s already got a villain in the house and his name isn’t Bentley Williams — it’s Kalon McMahon (otherwise known as the guy who flies in on the helicopter). All sadistic hopes of seeing Bentley cockily stroll into the Charlotte bachelor pad are dashed, as Chris Harrison confirms Bentley won’t be back.

In a call with reporters, Chris says, “It was definitely discussed. I know our producers discussed it. I mean, because there was such an obvious storyline,” adding, “To me it just felt like such low-hanging fruit.” Chris explains that if the producers had agreed to bring Bentley back, Bentley would “to have really done a 180 and really shown that he was sincere because the whole of the show was not to pull a fast one on Emily.”

Chris, sounding protective of Miss Em, continues, “That’s not the tone of this season at all. She is vulnerable and had her insecurities. And to mess with her just to be messing with her I think would have been pretty uncool of us.”

Source: ABC Medianet



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Credit: ABC via HollywoodGossip.com Photo: Bachelorette Promo: Emily Maynard Tells [Spoiler] to "Get the F*ck Out" — Extended Season 8 Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)