It's not hot. Can we agree?

Up until now on The Bachelorette, Sean Lowe has been Mr. Perfect Genetic Gift. We knew there had to be some kind of flaw to him and it looks like at least one flaw is that he still lives at home with his parents, in a messy room.

Honestly, a lot of people age 28 or thereabouts are moving back in with their parents these days. Tough economy, saving money for their first home, whatever. To us, it's the trash-fest of the room that's a bigger deal. Emily Maynard is looking for an instant stepfather, not a second child to adopt and clean after. Would Sean really be ready to step into a husband/father role when he's not looking like he's really ready to take care of himself?

Or are they two different things? If Sean were engaged, would he take whatever money it's possible he's been saving by living at home and invest it in a new home for himself, Emily and Ricki? Is he just getting his bachelor ways out of his system?

Watch the brief preview video to get a glimpse of Sean's room and decide if it would be a dealbreaker for you. 

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelorette Spoiler Clip: Does Sean Lowe Still Live at Home? (VIDEO)