Twenty-six-year-old Nick Roy hails from Ridgefield, Connecticut, and currently lives in Chicago, where he works as a tailor in an upscale menswear store. But that's not all! Nick is also a certified magician and recently got his "street performer’s license." His forte? "Metal bending" and "making stuff float." Good to know!

Sure, Nick might have been The Bachelorette's answer to Gob Bluth, but he's a total brainiac. This aspiring trickster received a degree from The University of Connecticut School of Business, which we have no doubt he'll put to good use in upcoming magic shows.

By the way, Nick is health nut and he's super religious! In fact, he rocks a giant cross tattoo on his right bicep. Seems to us that Nick and Desiree Hartsock are a match made in heaven, but sadly our beloved Bachelorette just didn't feel a connection. She sent Nick packing during the show's first episode.

We'll think of you next time a coin drops out of our ear, friend!

Age: 26
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut

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