Video: Britt Billmaier Talks JP, Ben, and Constantine — Guess Which One She's Dating!

Credit: BachelorTV

Now that we know this uber-juicy, spoiler-ific tidbit about Britt Billmaier’s dating life with one of Ashley’s remaining suitors, we're much more interested in what the Bachelor Season 15 alum has to say about the current season. Recapping last week’s Episode 7, Britt calls Constantine “easy on the eyes” but says he needs more whimsy to succeed in this game. Of Ben F. she says, "He just gets more and more adorable each week. [...]  And you know the guy's charming if he can pull off that white beanie and still look cute." She empathized with Ryan P. and said JP's initials must stand for "Jealous Person.” Clever. *cough* But she added that JP was "chivalrously jealous,” which we like much better. 

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