The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm: 9 Things You Need To Know
The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm: 9 Things You Need To Know
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The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm: 9 Things You Need To Know


Everyone loves a do-gooder, and The Bachelorette's Jef Holm won Emily Maynard over with his hunky good looks and generous personality. Now that Emily and Jef are broken up and he's all single and mingling, we've rounded up 7 fun facts about him to get you even more pumped than you already are!

1. He's a Youngin'
At just 28 years old, Jef is definitely the baby in this crop of eligible bachelors. But before you write him off as an innocent newbie, keep in mind that he's had more life experiences than his competition! Intrigued? Keep reading.

2. He's a Co-Founder of People Water
Jef co-founded People Water, a sustainable water bottle company that's all about do-goodery, with Cody Barker. People Water describe themselves as “a new water bottle company that for every bottle of water purchased we give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need.” In fact, the company is so successful at its mission that they've just appointed a new CEO, Ken Bretschneider.

The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm: 9 Things You Need To Know

3. He Grew Up in Utah — But Now Lives in Charlotte With Emily!
Jef grew up in the town of Saint George, Utah, and just back to his hometown after breaking up with Emily.

4. He Graduated From Utah Valley University
Jef is more than just a pretty face! This guy is the entire package — he works for a great company and he has an advanced degree. What's not to love?

5. His Parents Are Mormon — And He Is Possibly, Too
It's hardly a surprise that Jef's Mormon — after all, he's from Utah! Jef is pretty clear about the fact that he's not currently a practicing Mormon, but he did once bring Emily to church with him and his parents in SC. So, maybe he's dabbling.

6. He's a World Traveler
Jef travels far and wide thanks to his work with People Water, and his latest adventure was in Nicaragua. "The village of Taquezal is by far the most deprived place I have ever been," Jef blogs. "We were greeted with welcome signs and the most loving people I think I have ever met." Hope Jef gets used to being greeted with signs. It's a common side effect of being famous.

7. He's a Hipster
Check out this super-filtered pic of Jef! We're loving the skinny jeans and tie. Jef's hipster look definitely set him apart from the competition — and Emily fell hard for his quirky attitude and sensitive demeanor.

8. He Comes From a Big Family
Jef is one of six kids, all raised by his parents Monte and Lisa Holm in Saint George, Utah. Jef seems very close with all of his siblings, despite the fact that his brother, Mike Holm, recently told Us Weekly that Jef caught Emily cheating. Jef denies the allegations, saying he is "shocked" his brother would sell him out to the magazine.

9. He Is Worth Close to $2 Million
Jef was in no way looking for a sugar mama in Emily Maynard; the Utah entrepeneur is already worth a cool $2 million on his own! Jef seems to have picked up some business tips from his dad, who has had a pretty illustrious career in the financial services industry.