Bachelor Sean Lowe: 10 Things to Know About Catherine Giudici\'s Groom
Bachelor Sean Lowe: 10 Things to Know About Catherine Giudici’s Groom
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Sean Lowe: 10 Things to Know About Catherine Giudici’s Groom


You've seen him on TV, you've seen him in the tabloids, and you've seen him in your erotic fantasies. But who is Sean Lowe, really. The Bachelor's resident beefcake is about to walk down the aisle and marry the love of his life (looking at you, Catherine Giudici) and the time has come to brush up on our facts. Check out 10 things you need to know about Sean in preparation for his televised nuptials!

1. He's Super Religious
Sean is basically a Jesus doppelganger, so it makes sense that he's a huge fan of JC. This heartthrob comes from an extremely Christian background (his dad is a pastor) and spends a lot of time with his church's youth group. We also hear he's a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which we assume involves him and a bunch of other dudes lifting super-heavy bibles over their heads.

2. He Almost Made it to the Semi-Finals on Dancing With the Stars
Sean sashayed his way into the dirty dreams of millions of middle-aged women by performing on ABC's hit reality dance competition, Dancing with the Stars. This stud and his pro-partner, Peta Murgatroyd, did pretty well despite the fact that Sean had zero experience grooving in a glittered onesie, but they were tragically eliminated before semi-finals. The silver lining? Sean got plenty of practice perfecting the waltzing for his wedding.

Bachelor Sean Lowe: 10 Things to Know About Catherine Giudici’s Groom
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3. He Met the Love of His Life on Reality Television
Sean Lowe was unexpectedly rejected by blonde bombshell Emily Maynard during her season of The Bachelorette, but he got a second chance at televised love as ABC’s star of The Bachelor Season 17. This dashing gent met his future bride, Catherine Giudici, while on the show, and their relationship has been going strong since Sean popped the question in Thailand. And by "going strong" we mean they've managed to resist the urge to have sex with each other. More on that later.

4. He Works in the Fashion Biz
Sean used to dabble in insurance, but nowadays he works as president of The Factory Girl, a furniture and fashion store in Dallas that he founded with two close friends who happen to be siblings. So, ladies, next time you find yourself in need of a "Big Buddha Kiara Wallet," you know where to look.

5. He Used to Be a Model
Before Sean was peddling purses on street corners, he professionally modeled for fitness companies. Which makes total sense if you think about the fact that his abs are shaped like mountain range. We literally just want to ski on them, which is weird, but also the truth.

7. He's a Reclaimed Virgin
By now you probably know that Sean and Catherine are waiting to consummate their love until they get hitched (by the way, their televised wedding goes down on January 26, 2014). The reason? Sean's Christian values led him to reevaluate his lust for hanky panky and become a reclaimed virgin. We're not sure what is and isn't allowed in Sean and Catherine's pre-marital love nest, but they certainly haven't cashed in Sean's reissued V-card!

Bachelor Sean Lowe: 10 Things to Know About Catherine Giudici’s Groom
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8. He Had His First Kiss in Middle School
Sean might be like a virgin (touched for the very first time), but he's definitely a ladies’ man. This hunk became a pro at making girls swoon in middle school, when he had his very first kiss. The lucky lass in question? Some broad named Amanda. "I was just feeling bold one day and I decided to kiss her," Sean told Us Weekly. "My heart was pounding. Last time I ran into her she had, like, four kids!" Typical Sean: gives a girl a kiss, next thing we know she's pregnant.

9. He Loves His Four-Legged Friends
Long before Catherine Giudici stole Sean's heart, he had two other leading ladies in his life. Naturally, we're talking about his dogs — Lola the Boxer and Ellie the Labrador! Sean is borderline obsessed with his pups (they used to sleep in bed with him), and is on the record having said that the girl he's dating must be into his dogs. Luckily, Catherine is total besties with Lola and Ellie, because how could she not be? They're adorable.

10. He's a Secret Nerd
Sean might seem like a cool jock, but he's just about as nerdy as they come. Did you see his Save-the-Date cards? Total geek-fest. Not only does Sean love "indie movies," crossword puzzles and something weird called "reading" (huh?), he told Life & Style that he does math in his head "for fun" and quizzes his friends on historical facts. Um, historical facts about The Bachelor? 'Cause that's the only kind of history we're interested in. Other than, like, the history of what makes cheese so delicious.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about Sean? Tell us your favorite fact in the comments? Did we miss one? We’re all ears!