The Hills’ Lo Bosworth Reveals a Major Secret About the Show! (VIDEO)
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The Hills’ Lo Bosworth Reveals a Major Secret About the Show! (VIDEO)

Since The Hills ended in 2010, the cast hasn’t been shy about spilling production secrets and behind the scenes tidbits from the MTV “reality” series. Just last year, the show’s resident mean girl Kristin Cavallari was still talking about how the producers forced her to be the “bitch.” Now, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth — both a Hills and Laguna Beach alum — is sharing her own experiences with filming tricks and producer meddling.

Lo, who is now a successful lifestyle entrepreneur in NYC, took to her YouTube account today to answer some fan questions. One follower asked if the MTV show was real or fake and if it accurately portrayed the cast’s personalities. Lo’s response? A little bit of both.

The Hills was kinda fake and it was kinda real,” she says. “At times we really did all hate each other, and that really did come across on camera. And sometimes we were all getting along.” And while Lo does say that certain unnamed cast members made a point to come up with their own story lines to put into play, she didn’t bother with any of that.

But that didn’t stop the show’s producers from taking their own liberties in the editing room, Lo says. “Each season I feel like they’d go into the editing room and be like, ‘This character is going to be the big slut this season, this character is going to get s—t on by everybody, and this character is going to look really good.’ It’s possible to make anybody look incredible or terrible in the editing room. That’s just how it is. They were making a television show. They had to entertain the masses!”

Lo also spills on what was really behind all of the show’s signature dramatic long, silent stares.

“I’m going to fill you guys in on a secret about The Hills,” she begins, “When you’re in production on a show, you have to do something called taking the ‘room tone,’ just so that all of the microphones are evened out and the sound on the video is normal. And pretty frequently when we filmed, we’d have to stop for a minute to take ‘room tone,’ and everyone would have to be quiet … So they would catch us gazing off into space, and looking like we were really bored or mad … And then, they’d take those clips of room tone, and edit them into the show to make it look like we were super mad at each other or whatever.” OH EM GEE! It all makes so much sense now!

But despite all of the on-screen dramz the show brought, Lo still has a positive attitude about The Hills, which she says she “approached as a job.” And if she had to do it all again, she totally would. “It’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience — though it took a couple of years for me to see it that way. Doors have opened for me that would never have opened otherwise ... Because I consider myself a grounded person, I’ve been able to take advantage of the opportunities in a positive way.”

Way to be, Lo! Glad to hear you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.

Are you surprised by any of Lo’s revelations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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