The Hills’ Spencer Pratt: I Gained 50 Pounds Eating Pie
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The Hills’ Spencer Pratt: I Gained 50 Pounds Eating Pie

The hills are alive with the sound of baked goods.

The Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag appear on a new E! special, in which they divulge secrets of their lives during and after the popular MTV series, according to Us Weekly. "I don't think we've ever gotten to be the real Heidi and Spencer on TV," the 30-year-old Spencer says on After Shock: Heidi and Spencer, which aired December 9.

Spencer describes one scene in particular where he kicked Heidi out of his car on the show. "We shot like 14 or 15 takes of that from different angles, and then she got back in my car, and we drove off," Spencer says.

Heidi says that the show's producers spent two hours begging Spencer to leave Heidi at the altar when the two got married on the show. Ultimately, Spencer refused, and the couple got hitched.

Heidi famously got numerous plastic surgeries done after the show, and she and her mom had a falling out when her mom said she liked Heidi's face better before the procedures. "That was like a knife in my heart," Heidi says, adding that she and her mom didn't speak for two years after those comments.

Spencer also gained some weight after the show, and he claims that he gained 50 pounds due to an addiction to pie. Who knew Spencer loved pie so darn much? In the special, he begs Heidi to buy various types of pie at a farmer's market. Spencer says he now keeps off the weight with the help of a personal trainer.

Are you surprised by the couple's revelations?

Source: Us Weekly