The casting of the final two Hunger Games films — the Mockingjay two-parter — took an odd turn with the Twitter announcement that Robert Knepper has been chosen to play Antonius.

You know, Antonius! That guy… with the… who did that thing… yeah, we have no idea who he is, either. Antonius is mentioned nowhere in Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games book series.

Luckily we know more about Robert. Despite 25 years in the business and dozens of film and TV credits, the 54-year-old may be best known as the scheming sex offender Theodore "T Bag" Bagwell from Fox's Prison Break.

More recently, however, the Ohio native had an arc as an earth-moving carnie on NBC's Heroes, starred as a mysterious actor on The CW's Cult, and currently appears as a gangster in TNT's Mob City.

With all these menacing roles on Robert's filmography, we're gonna take a leap and say that Antonius is nothing but trouble.

Another clue may be that the character shares his name with Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Antony, the Roman general who was Cleopatra's lover and Julius Caesar's ally — not to be confused with Marc Anthony, ex of J.Lo, not to be confused with J.Law.

Who do you think Antonius might be? Speculate away below!

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