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We know you’ve got Katniss Everdeen fever, that Jennifer Lawrence is your homegirl, and that you’re shipping Peeta Mellark hardcore... or, wait, do you prefer Gale Hawthorne? In any case, we’ve got all the latest Hunger Games photos, trailers, gossip, spoilers, cast updates, and news right here.

Suffice it to say, the odds are ever in your favor.

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For those of you unaware, we’ve got you covered, too. Here’s a summary.

The Hunger Games is a book and film franchise that kicked off with Suzanne Collins’s 2008 novel by the same name. The second book, Catching Fire, debuted on bookshelves a year later, in 2009; and the epic saga concluded with the third book, Mockingjay in 2010.

The series tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl living in Panem, a war-torn country on the land that used to be the United States. Katniss and her young sister and unstable mother live in District 12, one of the poorest of the 13 districts surrounding the oppressive Capitol.

Every year, to remind the Districts of the foolishness of their past uprising, the rich and powerful Capitol citizens hold a Hunger Games, in which two teenagers from each district fight to the death until there’s one victor, whose district receives food for one year.

Originally Katniss’s sister, Prim, was chosen to represent District 12, but Katniss volunteered as “tribute” in her stead.

Throughout her training with curmudgeonly mentor Haymitch Abernathy, loony Capitol representative Effie Trinket, and supportive stylist Cinna, Katniss becomes a force to be reckoned with. She also develops a romance — or is it a showmance? — with fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark. Never mind that she has a hunky suitor back home, the woodsy Gale Hawthorne.

Katniss’s act of self-sacrifice, her impressive showing at the parade of tributes, and her rebellious nature make her a favorite competitor — and a symbol of hope for the oppressed districts. But before she leads any revolution, she has to survive in the arena of the Hunger Games...

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