The Jersey Shore Season 6 Bar Fight: What Really Happened, and Who Started It
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The Jersey Shore Season 6 Bar Fight: What Really Happened, and Who Started It


On Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 4: “Merp Walk”, we finally got to see how the biggest fight in Jersey Shore history started in the first place. It turns out that a lot more of the roommates were involved than originally reported. Roger and Ronnie got most of the attention at the time, but The Situation, Vinny, Pauly D, JWOWW, Sammi, and Ronnie were all there, too.

It started during the day, when Deena Nicole took Shore store owner out for a “meatball day.” They were soon joined by Ronnie and Pauly and Pauly’s friends, then Roger, and then JWOWW. Everyone was having fun getting rowdy on the boardwalk, then they all go to the house to change, and out to Bamboo Bar they go.

A random guy approaches The Situation, and Mike doesn’t remember him at all, which is a bad omen. He says his name is “Paul,” and after the roommates’ friend Ryan tells him to leave The Situation alone, “Paul” doesn’t stop. He keeps insisting that they know each other, even alleging that he went to high school with Mike, and Ryan, well, Ryan shoved him hard. Really hard.

The next thing we see, it looked like someone threw ice on the castmates. Vinny, for some reason, was at the center of it, being held back by several people. Then JWOWW spots Roger with his fist held up like he’s about to throw a punch. She keeps telling him “No!” and standing in between him and whoever he’s angry with. Roger, clearly frustrated, shoves Jenni off to the side, where she falls down. When she stands up, she punches Roger in the face, in tears.

And then the episode ended. What are your first impressions?

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