Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Thayer vs. Ethan in an Epic Bro-off in Season 1, Episode 6: "Bad Boys Break Hearts"

What do you get when you put two hunky boys with an addiction to hair gel and x-small T-shirts in the same room? A bro-off of epic proportions.

When Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Ethan (Blair Redford) threw-down in the hospital waiting room, we could practically smell the testosterone and Old Spice floating out of our TVs — someone was about to get the owned.

In one corner, we have Ethan: juvenile delinquent and professional moon gazer. In another, we have Thayer: Computer geek and possible LARPer, who happens to rock a six pack. It was a tossup, but someone had to win.

Give a round of applause to Ethan, who walked up to Thayer without so much as a “Hello” and punched him so hard that he fell to the floor. Fear not, Team Thayer, we expect this hottie to be back on his feet and swinging during next week’s Lying Game!

Until then, we recommend a steady re-hydration regime. Stud over-load can cause mild dizziness, nausea, and heartache.