Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Mads Is Angry in Season 1, Episode 7: “Escape From Sutton Island”

Sometimes we get distracted by Mads’ (Alice Greczyn) hysterically giant hair and mistake her for a ditzy beauty queen, but then she steps into her snarky stilettos and busts out a can of whoop ass.

Who knew that Mads had it in her to chew out HRH Queen Sutton (Alexandra Chando)? Of course, she was actually yelling at poor, innocent Emma — but same diff.

Mads took Emma to task for sleeping with Thayer (Christian Alexander) and for being a sneaky secret keeper in general. And Mads’ rant was so effective that it convinced Emma to break her silence and tell everyone about the search for Annie Hobbes.

No offense Emma, but Mads won this cat fight, hands down. Time to retract your claws, if you have any left.