Many of our favorite Lying Game moments involve pretty, pretty pixie Allie Gonino (Laurel Mercer). Her sassy character is eminently quotable, and she brought her musical chops are killer. Not only can she play violin, but she has some impressive pipes, too!

She hilarious. The girl loves Modern Family and would love to guest star! Hey, she has serious comedic timing. Her Lying Game quotes are always our favorite.

She’s a rock star. Her rad band, The Good Mad, appeared in a couple of Lying Game episodes, and we’ve been hooked ever since. She met the Dixie Chicks at a young age, which inspired her to become a musician. What a coincidence! Her TLG co-star Adrian Pasdar (Alec Rybak) is married to Natalie Maines.

She has great fashion, on- and off-screen. Allie refers to her style as “Baby Gaga,” which is too cute for words. We always covet her style when she’s on the red carpet, and don’t get us started on Laurel’s wardrobe, or we’ll start drooling.

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