Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Ethan and Emma Share a Table in Season 1, Episode 6: “Bad Boys Break Hearts”

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona get to wear summer clothing almost all year round, and the girls of The Lying Game have been wowing us with their warm-weather wardrobe since day one. Still, Emma managed to work a bit of back-to-school, autumn flair into her look in Season 1, Episode 6: “Bad Boys Break Hearts,” rocking a scalloped, short-sleeve blouse that had a bit of a schoolgirl vibe to it. Scalloped pieces are an easy way to look instantly prim and pulled together, but without being stuffy. Inspired by Emma, we went looking for the best scalloped trends our favorite e-commerce haunts have to offer. Check out our findings below!

Step into a scalloped piece this fall:

scalloped roundup

Mesh top
$76 -

Free people top
$38 -

Shell top
$75 -

£38 -

Eastex short sleeve top
£60 -

Black Scalloped Shorts
$35 -

Striped bathing suit
$60 -

Scalloped shorts
£10 -

Fitzwell stacked heel shoes
$65 -

Red bag
$15 -