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Sigh, Sutton and Emma's (Alexandra Chandolives are so hard. Thanks to their twinship being on the major down low, neither of these ladies can be out in public at the same time –– which means one of them has to lurk around that creepy cabin in the woods all day.

In order for Sutton and Emma to co-exist, they'll have to come clean to everyone in Phoenix (population: 10) and expose all kinds of sinister secrets while doing so. But don't rule it out!

“You’ll see in this season we’ve kind of already accomplished that," Executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr. told TVLine. "[Emma and Sutton] are in more scenes together than they’ve ever been; one’s living in secret and they switch back and forth a couple of times. So, we really feel like we’re already doing it. When the story of the past and what happened to Derek and all of that comes out, at some point they’ll have to find out."

Expect a few characters to find out as soon as this season!

"Mads found out [last season], and other people are going to find out this season until it gets to the point of, well, who doesn’t know?" Chuck continued. "We just want to make sure we’ve gotten the most we can out of The Prince and the Pauper before we move into The Parent Trap.”

OMG, we can't wait! The Parent Trap is the best movie ever, and clearly we're talking about the Lindsay Lohan version.

Source: TVLine