Credit: Alexandra Chando's Twitter Photo: Alexandra Chando Tweets a Pool Photo From The Lying Game

Oh, those Lying Gamers. Always getting up to some sort of trouble. For example, Alexandra Chando (Emma) tweeted this photo of herself and Alice Greczyn (Mads) on the set, with a black bra in a pool skimmer. Considering they’re dressed to the nines, we doubt it’s either of theirs, but it certainly seems like someone is going skinny dipping!

So was this a solo swim or did one of TLG’s couples decide to contaminate the pool? Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Justin (Randy Wayne) have been caught post-coitus before, but Thayer (Christian Alexander) gives Char (Kirsten Prout) the eye every time she strips down to her bathing suit. We’ll have to wait until January to solve this mystery!

Source: Alexandra Chando’s Twitter

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