Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Emma and Kristen Hang in the Kitchen in Season 1, Episode 4: “Twinsense and Sensibility”

The Mercers may have a few creepy skeletons in their closet, but when it comes down to it, their hearts are in the right place. We still don’t know why Ted  (Andy Buckley) and Kristen (Helen Slater) lied to Sutton (Alexandra Chando) about her birth mother, but one thing’s for sure: These adoptives are full of regret!

In Season 1, Episode 5, “Over Exposed,” Kristen confides in her hubby and tells him that she wishes they hadn’t lied about Annie’s death. Will they finally come clean and tell “Sutton” about her biological mother’s mysterious past, or will they continue spinning their web of lies?

You know what they say: Secrets, secrets are no fun; secrets, secrets hurt your daughter and her secret twin.