Credit: Bill Records/ABC Family Photo: Laurel Holds Her Violin in Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”

We’re still not sure why Laurel (Allie Gonino) decided that violin practice should take place before school in a public park in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs,” but hey, her fiddling skills managed to get her in good with the very cute new guy, so good for her.

Also good for her? The sweet little floral ensemble she wore during her impromptu performance was enough to make us want to see an encore, so we figured out how to recreate the look on a budget — no violin necessary and new boyfriend not included, but anything’s possible!

Get Laurel’s look for less:

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Sneak Peek! Laurel Meets a Mysterious Stranger Named Justin in Season 1, Episode 3: "Double Dibs"