Credit: Felicia Graham/ABCFamily Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Ethan, Thayer, and Emma in Season 1, Episode 13: “Pleased to Meet Me”

Who knew Laurel Mercer (Allie Gonino) could do more than cover Get Up Kids songs on her violin? Not even her own family, who was shocked to hear her bust out a lovely singing voice in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 13, “Pleased to Meet Me.” Oh and that back-up band? That’s Allie Gonino’s real-life group, The Good Mad.  

Source: ABC Family

Artist: Dave Anderson
Song: “Write You Away”
Music moment: Thayer and the front desk clerk talk about how hot Sutton is
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Artist: Preston Leatherman
Song: “Come Back to Me”
Music moment: Thayer BBQs Sutton’s eggs

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Credit: ABC Family Photo: Preston Leatherman Come Back to Me

Artist: Exit Clov
Song: “DIY”
Music moment: Sutton hangs in her bedroom like old times
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Artist: Castaneda
Song: “Radio”
Music moment: Sutton watches Emma get ready for the party
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Credit: ABC Family Photo: Radio - Castaneda

Artist: Mr. Adventures
Song: “Coconut Grove”
Music moment: One of the 17 times Ryan asks Mads on a date
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Artist: Mr. Adventures
Song: “Van Gogh”
Music moment: Emma and Laurel catch Justin with another girl
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Artist: Mr. Adventures
Song: “5 Minutes”
Music moment: Dr. Ted examines Sutton's gaping head wound
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Credit: ABC Family Photo: Mr Adventures 5 Minutes

Artist: Damien & Danny Salazar
Song: “Rain”
Music moment: Ryan sends Mads a pizza with extra ballet tickets on top.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Rain - Damien & Danny Salazar

Artist: The Good Mad (Allie Gonino’s band!)
Song: “What Money Paid For”
Music moment: Laurel sings with the band
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