Things on The Lying Game are about to get super awkward for everyone. With Sutton back to being her old self and Emma (Alexandra Chando) shunned to the family cabin out of sight, tension between the twins is at an all time high.
In this sneak peek of Season 2, Episode 4, Emma continues to tutor Ethan so he doesn’t get kicked out of school. But their study sesh starts to go south when he asks how she’s been doing since Thayer left town. Emma snaps back that she’d rather not talk about it, as much as she wouldn’t like talking about Ethan and Emma’s steamy cabin hook up from the last episode.

The two are about to launch into a full-on lovers’ spat when they are rudely interrupted by the arrival of surprise guests.

Watch the clip to see what happens!

Source: Hulu

Credit: Hulu Photo: The Lying Game Season 2, Episode 4 Preview: Ethan and Emma Get Surprise Visitors at the Cabin