We still can’t get over all of the OMG moments from Season 2, Episode 6 of The Lying Game. Is Ted (Andy Buckley) behind Derek’s death? Will Kristin (Helen Slater) fall for Alec’s (Adrian Pasdar) wily charms? Will Dan (Tyler Christopher) really get married in jeans?

But most importantly, we were totally floored when Ethan (Blair Redford) decided to switch loyalties from Team Sutton to Team Emma (Alexandra Chando), which Thayer (Christian Alexander) is not too jazzed about.

Despite handing over her V-card to Thayer at the end of the episode, Emma and Ethan totally had a moment during the flipside formal that neither of them can deny. But it’s apparent that she’s still hurt from Ethan’s decision to get back together with Sutton. And let’s not even get into Thayer’s “jealous girlfriend” moments.

The question is: Should Emma stick with Thayer, who’s been nothing but supportive of her birth mother search, or should she go back to Ethan, who clearly isn’t over her? Vote in our poll below!